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Johnson Gas And Mendota Hearth  -  Gas Specialists Since 1901

Johnson Gas Appliance was founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1901. It has been in the same location, making top quality gas appliances for over 100 years.

Mendota Hearth, a division of Johnson Gas Appliance, makes award-winning gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and gas stoves. Mendota is known as the finest gas fireplace in the industry and is nationally acclaimed for its beautiful log fire. It is the recipient of "Best of Show" award at the National Hearth Products Assoc. Expo.

Furnaces for the School Shop - Since 1902

Originally Johnson manufactured gas furnaces used by students in high school votech and industrial arts shops. For nearly a century, America's teenagers have been learning the fundamentals of metallurgy with Johnson furnaces.

Furnaces for Industry - Since 1931

In the 1930's Johnson Gas developed a line of heat treating furnaces for industry. Our furnaces are now being used by most Fortune 500 companies including Ford, Boeing, General Electric and many others. Automobiles, airplanes and home appliances are all made better and safer with Johnson furnaces.

Concrete Curing Systems - Since 1962

In the 1960's the company added a line of concrete curing systems that are now being used around the world. Over 10 million cement blocks and tons of concrete pipe are being cured every day with Johnson systems.

Greenhouse CO2 Generators

Join with modern growers everywhere - use Johnson CO2 Generators - the low cost way to produce CO2 - the nutrient of the new millennium.

The Johnson CO2 Generator automatically provides the carbon dioxide to meet maximum growing potentials - and operates for only pennies a day. The Johnson Generator can easily be installed in any greenhouse.

Johnson Gas Appliance & Mendota Hearth
   520 E Avenue NW
   Cedar Rapids, IA    52405
   (319) 365-5267    (direct)
   (800) 553-5422    (toll-free)
   (319) 365-6282    (direct)
   (877) 345-3225    (toll-free)


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