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Johnson CurePak
Combustion Engineered "Direct Fired Steam" Curing System

Johnson Gas Curepak

Where high volumes of "steam" are required for a process that can accommodate the products of combustion of fossil fuels (Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen). This is a system where initial expense is recovered by fuel savings. The flue product goes into the process to achieve 100% fuel efficiency.

Applications include the curing of concrete block, pipe, precast shapes and prestressed forms, as well as preparing wood blocks for veneering.

  • Reliable operation
  • Automated control of outlet pressure
  • Combustion-Engineered Burner
  • Large combustion chamber
  • Auto-controlled water inlet chamber

For more information please contact Dan Hodel by phone at (319) 365-5267 x104 or (800) 553-5422 x104 or by email at dhodel@johnsongas.com.