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Johnson Industrial Furnaces:

Johnson Industrial Burners:

Hi-Speed Heat Treating Furnaces
Assaying Furnaces
Atmospheric Oven Furnaces
Multi-Purpose Furnaces
Low Temperature Pot Furnaces
Medium Temperature Pot Furnaces
Hi Temperature Pot Furnaces
Soft Metal Melting Furnaces
Advanced Melting Furnaces
Forge Furnaces
Crucible Furnaces
Ceramic Shell Burn-Out Furnaces
Bench Soldering Furnaces
Custom Furnaces
MSDS Sheet
Standard Wiring Diagram
Packaged Power Gas Burners
Bunsen Burners
Drilled Pipe Burners
Industrial Burners
Atmospheric Ring Burners
Adjustable Power Burners

Johnson Furnaces for the
Artist, Blacksmith, & Sculptor

Additional Johnson Industrial Products:

Ceramic Shell Burn-Out Furnaces
Crucible Furnaces
Forge Furnaces
Make Your Own Kiln
Temperature Control Equpiment
Safety Systems
Safety Control Equipment
Automatic Hand Torches
Mixers & Valves
Venturi Tubes, Nozzles, Torch Tips
Greenhouse CO2 Generator
Make Your Own Kiln
Factory Replacement Services

THE JOHNSON GAS APPLIANCE COMPANY was established in 1901. It has always pioneered in the development and manufacture of gas burning equipment of highest efficiency and quality.

Constant research keeps the Johnson line up to date. Whatever your problems in applying heat through the use of gas burning equipment, the Johnson Gas Appliance Company is ready to work with you toward the best possible solution.