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Make Your Own Kiln
Save money...add flexibility with Johnson Burners
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Johnson has gas burners to meet all kiln sizes and temperature requirements. They are made of rugged cast iron with heavy brass valves. They are easy to install and operate, and best of all, the cost of a "custom-made" kiln with Johnson burners is a small fraction of the cost of a manufactured model.
The size of your "custom-made" kiln is easy to enlarge. Simply add Johnson burners and kiln refractory as your needs change.
Cut your investment. Look into Johnson burners now. They are available in two basic types: (1) Atmospheric - recommended for small kilns and kilns with low temperature requirements; and (2) Power (blower operated) - recommended for larger kilns.

Johnson Adjustable Power Burner

Johnson Adjustable Power Burners
The most popular type for ceramic studios and art departments, these rugged burners are equipped with powerful, quiet Johnson blowers with continuous duty motors, and heavy brass shut-off valves. Specially designed flame retention nozzle allows for wide adjustment of gas input and easy flame adjustment for obtaining desired reducing and oxidizing atmospheres. On large kilns two or more burners, or torch tips with manifold, can be used for uniform distribution of heat.


Motor Specs
Gas Input
Shipping Weight
321 30" 1/3 H.P.
Cont. Duty
1-1/2" 200,000 42
342 30" 1/3 H.P.
Cont. Duty
2" 400,000 45
323 34" 1/3 H.P
Cont. Duty
Two 1-1/2"
400,000 75
343 34" 1/3 H.P.
Cont. Duty
800,000 120
345 34" 1/3 H.P.
Cont. Duty
Two 2"
800,000 150

321, 342, 323 - Thermocouple System (baso pilot, baso switch and solenoid)
343, 345 - Flame Safeguard System (flame rod, spark ignition)
Flame Safeguard System is available for 321, 342 and 323 at extra cost.

Johnson Venturi Tube with Retention Nozzle and Valve

Johnson 1-1/2" Venturi Tube with Retention Nozzle and Valve
These cast iron Venturis, when equipped with Johnson retention nozzles and heavy brass valves, give perfect combustion for extra efficiency. Complete with accurate, easy-to-adjust air shutters with positive locks. Can be used singly or in gangs depending on kiln size and temperature requirements. Length, including valve - 14-1/4"; Gas input - 75,000 BTU/hr.

Johnson 1204 Blower

Johnson high volume blowers with continuous duty motors
These rugged. compact blowers, developed by Johnson, have a reputation for delivering constant, high volume air pressure plus quiet operation. Blower housings are sturdy aluminum for long life.




Delivery at
W. C.




Type Motor

Capacity *
3,450 50 CFM
at 4" W. C.
1½" Aluminum Cont. 1/3 hp. 115 Volt,
Single Phase
400,000 28 lbs.
3,450 75 CFM
at 5" W. C.
1½" Aluminum Cont. 1/3 hp. 115 Volt,
Single Phase
800,000 32 lbs.
* Capacity based on proper burner size.

How to choose the right burners for your "custom-made" kiln:
Figure the volume of your kiln in cubic feet by multiplying internal length by width by height. For example. a kiln two feet square and three feet high would be 12 cu. ft.
Exact number and type of burners and burner locations will depend on kiln construction, size and temperature requirements. The examples shown below are typical. For factory recommendations, send interior kiln dimensions, wall construction and top temperature required.

NOTE: Burners also supplied for kilns firing from two sides.

Johnson also make a complete line of crucible furnaces for melting bronze, aluminum, and other soft metals. Or, for metal bending and forging, select Johnson forge furnaces.

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