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Factory Replacement Service
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Although Johnson Furnaces are constructed of tough, wear-resistant materials, they, like any product. subject to high temperatures, will require attention. When your furnace needs reconditioning and/or relining, simply order a new replacement body. It connects easily to your present Johnson blower equipment. With this minimum investment in time and money, your furnace will operate with the same efficiency as a new one.

For additional information on Johnson's Factory Replacement Service, contact:

Marty Chute
Industrial Sales and Service Manager
Johnson Gas Appliance Company
520 E Avenue N.W.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405
Ph:  (800) 553-5422 ext. 121     (Toll free)
Ph:  (319) 365-5267 ext. 121
Fax: (866) 726-3607     (Toll free)
Fax: (319) 365-6282
E-Mail: mchute@johnsongas.com

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