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Automatic Hand Torches
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No. 35 (top),  No. 25 (center),   No. 22 (bottom)

Designed for highest temperatures without forced air, these Automatic Hand Torches have the burners set at an angle. This makes the torches easily balanced when using. They are equipped with lever handle valves and pilot lights. The valve is operated by the hand holding the torch and is instantly turned on and off as desired.
The No. 22 Torch is furnished with small brass bunsen and is especially suitable for singeing threads from shoes in shoe factories. The No. 25 Torch is furnished with cast iron bunsen and is used for singeing poultry, paint burning, preheating, soldering; etc. The No. 35 Torch is used when greater capacity is required for singeing poultry, paint burning, etc. The long bunsen tube makes the torch light and easy to handle, produces long, bushy flame. Excellent balance, easy to operate. Ideal for singeing hogs.
Available in 3/8 inch size. Complete with 1/4 inch female pipe fitting (one end) and 1/4 inch male fitting (other end). For use with No. 22, 25 and 35 Torches. Choose from 3, 6, 10 and 12 foot lengths. Other lengths available on request.



Gas Input
Shipping Weight
9 3/4 6,000 2
11 1 13,000 3
15 1-1/4 45,000 3
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