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Venturi Tubes, Nozzles, Torch Tips
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Johnson Venturi Tube (top), 12BT Nozzle (left), Torch Tip (right)

The rugged cast iron Johnson Venturi Mixing Tube is especially designed to produce greater efficiency with burners of various types and capacities. It can be used with torch tip for immersion burners. Furnished with an easy and accurate air adjusting shutter, which also has a positive lock, insuring perfect combustion, resulting in greater efficiency and higher flame temperature. Venturis are furnished complete with heavy brass tee handle valves.


Complete with Valve


1 Venturi Mixing Tube 15" 1/2"
1-1/4" Venturi Mixing Tube 17-1/2" 1/2"
1-1/2" Venturi Mixing Tube 14-1/4" 1/2"
The tube ends are threaded standard pipe sizes.
Special length tubes furnished on request.

These nozzles are 1" O.D. and 1-1/8" long, with 1/4" female pipe thread and have a capacity of 10,000 B.T.U.'s per hour. Operate up to 4" mixture pressure. Used in multiples with blower or compressed air. Produces intense high temperatures for surface hardening, brazing, etc.
Flame retention burner ports used for the open blast-fired combustion of all commercial fuel gases. Provides stable ignition without blow-off even at high blast pressures. Available in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 2" sizes in capacities of 20,000 to 475,000 B.T.U.'s at 3" mixture pressure. Maximum mixture pressure 10". Used with blower or compressed air. High or low pressure gas - specify.

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