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Price List for Atmospheric Ring Burners

Part Number Description Price
SA-01-00138 40A (Nat. Gas) $297.00
SA-01-00139 40A (L.P. Gas) $297.00
SA-01-00140 40B (Nat. Gas) $311.00
SA-01-00141 40B (L.P. Gas) $311.00
SA-01-00142 40C (Nat. Gas) $403.00
SA-01-00143 40C (L.P. Gas) $403.00
SA-01-00144 40AB (Nat. Gas) $536.00
SA-01-00145 40AB (L.P. Gas) $536.00
SA-01-00146 40ABC (Nat. Gas) $900.00
SA-01-00147 40ABC (L.P. Gas) $900.00
SA-01-00148 60B (Nat. Gas) $392.00
SA-01-00149 60B (L.P. Gas) $392.00
SA-01-00150 60C (Nat. Gas) $631.00
SA-01-00151 60C (L.P. Gas) $631.00
SA-01-00152 60D (Nat. Gas) $767.00
SA-01-00153 60D (L.P. Gas) $767.00
SA-01-00154 60E (Nat. Gas) $1,743.00
SA-01-00155 60E (L.P. Gas) $1,743.00
SA-01-00156 60BC (Nat. Gas) $844.00
SA-01-00157 60BC (L.P. Gas) $844.00
SA-01-00158 60BCD (Nat. Gas) $1,544.00
SA-01-00159 60BCD (L.P. Gas) $1,544.00
SA-01-00160 60BCDE (Nat. Gas) $2,699.00
SA-01-00161 60BCDE (L.P. Gas) $2,699.00
Quantity and OEM Prices on Request.
Safety Equipment for Above Upon Request.

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