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Replacement Parts List for
No. 40ABC Atmospheric Ring Burner

Part Number Description Price
LA-01-00015 40A Burner Head $169.00
LA-01-00016 40B Burner Head $247.00
LA-01-00017 40C Burner Head $330.00
GA-02-00003 40AB Manifold only (pipe) $28.00
GA-02-00007 40ABC Manifold only (pipe) $33.00
HA-04-00572 Valve (each) $75.00
HA-04-00215 40V Venturi $75.00
HA-04-00292 40V Shutter & Screw $12.00
SA-01-00091 A & B Mixing Tube $108.00
SA-01-00092 C Mixing Tube $106.00
SA-01-00093 Burner Support $13.10
JA-01-00087 40A Orifice Cap (Nat. Gas) $8.00
JA-01-00088 40A Orifice Cap (L.P. Gas) $8.00
JA-01-00089 40B Orifice Cap (Nat. Gas) $8.00
JA-01-00086 40B Orifice Cap (L.P. Gas) $8.00
JA-01-00090 40C Orifice Cap (Nat. Gas) $8.00
JA-01-00091 40C Orifice Cap (L.P. Gas) $8.00

Replacement Parts List for
No. 60BCDE Atmospheric Ring Burner

Part Number Description Price
LA-01-00021 60B Burner Head $239.00
LA-01-00022 60C Burner Head $290.00
LA-01-00023 60D Burner Head $534.00
LA-01-00024 60E Burner Head $856.00
HA-04-00216 60B Mixing Tube $112.00
HA-04-00217 60C Mixing Tube $126.00
HA-04-00131 60D Mixing Tube $134.00
SA-01-00094 60E Mixing Tube $134.00
HA-04-00567 Valve (each) $87.00
SA-01-00095 Burner Support on No. 60B Head $34.00
GA-02-00011 BC Manifold only $158.00
GA-02-00012 BCD Manifold only $158.00
GA-02-00015 BCDE Manifold only $179.00
LA-01-00165 Air Shutter $21.00
JA-01-00093 60B Orifice Cap (Nat. Gas) $11.00
JA-01-00094 60B Orifice Cap (L.P. Gas) $11.00
JA-01-00095 60C Orifice Cap (Nat. Gas) $11.00
JA-01-00096 60C Orifice Cap (L.P. Gas) $11.00
JA-01-00097 60D Orifice Cap (Nat. Gas) $11.00
JA-01-00098 60D Orifice Cap (L.P. Gas) $11.00
JA-01-00099 60E Orifice Cap (Nat. Gas) $11.00
JA-01-00100 60E Orifice Cap (L.P. Gas) $11.00
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