Safety Systems

Johnson now offers two types of safety systems for our blower operated furnaces: The Thermocouple System and the Ultra-Violet System. Each system provides positive control in the event of gas interruption, electrical or air failure. The Ultra-Violet System provides faster shutdown and is standard on all furnaces except Nos. 900, 122 and 133. A special F.I.A. safety system can also be provided if specified.

The Thermocouple System includes a Baso safety switch, Thermocouple, solenoid gas valve and air switch.

The Ultra-Violet system includes an Ultra-Violet flame scanner, flame relay, ignition relay, spark transformer, solenoid gas valve, pressure regulator, shut-off valve and electric ignition system with stop-start station. Many state and local codes require safety systems. Johnson Safety Systems are essential for the inexperienced…recommended for the professional.

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