Temperature Control Equipment

Precise control for any application

Solid State Design

Fuji Controller


Ideal instrument for providing automatic temperature control on Johnson Blower Type Furnaces. This precision “on-off” type controller allows for maximum temperature ranges on Johnson Furnaces, with highly accurate temperature control (±0.5% ). The control has full-time, set point and process variable temperature indication on an easy-to-read digital display. Desired temperatures can easily be set on the face of the instrument. It features full plug-in construction and solid state integrated circuit design. The unit contains signal lights to indicate when furnace is on and when burners reach set temperatures.

Standard instruments in Johnson’s stock have a range of 0-2500° F. for use with chromel alumel thermocouples, or 0-3000° F. for use with platinum rhodium thermocouples. Shipping weight nine pounds net. Johnson’s standard precision control system includes: chromel alumel thermocouple, 10 ft. lead wire and solenoid valve.

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